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Agents de Sécurité Genève

About us


Secuguard is a private security company founded by professionals who have decided to join their skills in order to offer the best possible security services on the market. s We offer complete and tailor-made security services by responding very quickly to your needs.

Company on a human scale, field and close to the customer, Secuguard and all his team is there to ensure a suitable and quality service to ensure your safety and that of your property.

Your security, our responsibility …

The Staff / Our team

Our staff are professional security agents who are confirmed and licensed , all holding a legitimation card issued by the Department of Security and / or deprived of the Police and the Environment (DSE).
In addition to their experience and basic trainingour employees regularly follow:

  • Advanced courses
  • validation of acquired knowledge (according to Concordat)
  • Training
  • Advanced trainingaccording to their assignments

The training courses offered by Secuguard allow our agents to take on each mission in a professional and flawless manner.

Our engagement

  • Secuguard is registered in the Geneva Commercial Register (CHE-115.895.542, CH-660.1.970.010-3)
  • Secuguard is licensed to operate in accordance with the Concordat’s guidelines on security companies and is approved and authorized by the authorities and the Swiss police.
  • Our employees are authorized security agents approved by the Swiss authorities, all of whom are continuously confirmed and trained.
  • Secuguard holds all the necessary assurances in the matter of security

Secuguard – available all over Switzerland and internationally

With our headquarters in Geneva, we support our employees, are available throughout Switzerland and all over the world